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The upside of high gas prices

June 11, 2008

The best part about $4.10/gallon gasoline is there are significantly fewer cars on the road this month.  If I chose to not drive to work I would have to rely on two metro lines and a bus route, and still walk about 4 blocks on each end.  That’s too many variables, so I choose to drive.

My morning commute in the summer usually takes more than 30 minutes because of the tourists on the road, but I’ve been getting to work in under 25 minutes for the past few weeks.

High gas prices, it seems, are the quickest cure for road congestion.  Although I’m sure many of the people not driving are locals who are now using public transportation, so I would probably be less thrilled if I had been taking the metro to work everyday.  Given the predictions of $5.00/gallon or even $6.00/gallon by the end of the summer, it will only get worse (for the metro riders).

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  1. Ashley permalink
    June 20, 2008 1:40 pm

    Let’s not forget the release of the hydrogen/electric car. Toyota just released a handful of these and expect to release 200 more next year. A small step, but nevertheless, one in the right direction. The obvious yet really great thing about $4 gas is the public outcry for alternative sources. The days of asking for lower prices at the pump are long gone and now we are looking for alternatives rather than relief. Perhaps automakers are finally getting the message.

    Let’s not slow this momentum by allowing offshore drilling which will only serve as temporary solution and a hindrance to progress.

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