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February 14, 2008

Pun intended. If only people actually cared about D-DAY as much as they do this stupid consumerist “holiday”. Why do I hate Valentine’s Day? The answer is pretty simple, sophomoric, and perhaps even juvenile: because I’m supposed to like it. The fact that it’s a made up holiday to make people money doesn’t really bother me, that’s just capitalism. The fact that I’m single doesn’t make me especially¬†sad today, I mean I’ve cried myself to sleep every night for the past 9 months so other than offing myself I’m not sure how much lower I could go. But yes, that’s still a viable option.

What does make me sad is this: Religious “activism” on behalf of a peaceful god carried out against your own people using suicide bombers you stole from a MENTAL HOSPITAL. Although this would be a great premise for a sequel to “The Ringer”.

Three cheers for whoever killed Mughniyeh. I mean he’ll just be immediatley replaced, but hopefully with someone who provides us lots of videos that we can put hilarious subtitles on and put up on YouTube.

I leave you with this:

the suicide hotline # was busy

This probably isn’t safe for work.

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