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Amusing observation of the day

February 4, 2008

For the last six months or so, The Onion has been putting free copies of their print edition all around Washington DC.  Pretty much anywhere you can get any of the other free weekly papers (Washington City Paper, etc.) you can get The Onion.

Riding the metro to our Superbowl party yesterday, I noticed a guy reading the newest copy of the Onion.  What was funny about it was he was reading this story: Area Senior Remembers A Simpler Time When His Anus Didn’t Leak.

The title was printed in big, bold letters, and I could clearly read it sitting two rows behind the guy.  Sitting one row behind the guy was a mom and her son, probably aged 5 or so.  I saw him glance over at the magazine and give it a quizzical look, then look up at his mom.  Assuming he could read, I can only imagine the questions he will be asking his mom later about what “leaky anus” means.  Although if he is a product of DC schools, I would bet she would just be thrilled to know the kid can read.

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