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The man who could have become POTUS yesterday

January 29, 2008
Could have been President

Let the other blogs discuss what was said at the State of the Union, and how Obama and Hillary pretended not to see each other, and how Ted Kennedy looked like he was asleep through most of the speech.  This is much more interesting.

The president always picks a member of his cabinet to hide away in a secret location during the State of the Union.  This is done in case of a freak natural disaster that destroys Capital Hill and everyone in the building, or more likely, someone blows it up.  So even if everyone is dead, there is still one lone member of the Executive branch who can ascend to lead the country.  This year, that honor went to Dirk Kempthorne, the Secretary of the Interior.  One of his more famous achievements:

As of September 2007, Kempthorne holds the record for protecting fewer species over his tenure than any Interior Secretary in United States history, a record previously held by James G. Watt for over 20 years.

If you are the one who has to sit out the State of the Union, do you secretly hope something happens that would make you President?  Is it an honor to be trusted by the President to run the country in the wake of what would have to be a monumental disaster?  Or is it a punishment to not get to be on shown on CNN, showing off your newest power tie?  Whatever the President’s motives, be glad nothing happened at last year’s State of the Union or we would be calling this man Mr. President:

I'd probably move to Canada
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