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If Chuck Norris’ endorsement wasn’t enough…

January 29, 2008

To the ongoing dispair of “marino,” one of this blog’s frequent commenters, I have developed somewhat of a soft spot for Mike Huckabee. Granted, I will never vote for him, but he seems like a nice enough guy (and he seems to despise Mitt Romney, which is another big plus). And I just found another reason to like him: Ann Coulter hates him.

Apparently Huck supports the Supreme Court’s decision several years ago to strike down sodomy laws in our country (an opinion of his which really surprises me). Her “villifying” attacks make him sound very reasonable. However, I would guess that about 99.99% of people in our country would wear a Coulter condemnation as a badge of honor. Anyways, Coulter goes bat-shit crazy over a conservative having a problem with a law “that prohibited private behavior among adults.” Read on, and be illuminated:

And yet, Huckabee has said he agrees with the Supreme Court’s lunatic opinion that sodomy is a constitutional right. […]

He made these remarks on his monthly radio show, “Ask the Governor,” as was widely reported at the time, including a July 3, 2003, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article titled, “Huckabee Says Sex Lives of Adults Not State Affair.” I stress that “Ask the Governor” was not a wacky, comedy-based, morning zoo-type radio program. It was supposed to be serious.

Huckabee claims he opposes gay marriage and says Scalia is his favorite justice, but he supports a Supreme Court decision denounced by Scalia for paving the way to a “constitutional right” to gay marriage. I guess Huckabee is one of those pro-sodomy, pro-gay marriage, pro-evolution evangelical Christians.

No wonder Huckabee is the evangelical liberals like.

Hold the phone… “Pro-sodomy, Pro-gay marriage, Pro-evolution??” That sounds so…terrible?? Also: the sex lives of consenting adults is not the government’s concern? You mean to tell me that two guys having sex is not the worst thing happening right this moment? Huckabee you crazy liberal, I’m not sure I buy it.

Clearly, when we are fighting multiple wars, the economy is going down the tubes, people are losing their houses, global warming is getting worse, the US reputation abroad is at an all time low, the answer to our problems is clear. No more gay sex. That will solve everything. Why didn’t we think of it before?

Who Coulter will like if Huckabee is not conservative enough for her I don’t know (she also doesn’t like McCain). Maybe Ahmadinejad. Probably no one. Some people just love having something to complain about. Certainly not Romney. I anxiously await the Ann Coulter column that tells me what I should think about Mormons. I’m sure it will be very enlightening.

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  1. marino permalink
    January 29, 2008 1:08 pm

    Huckabee is defiintely a “nice guy”

    so are you, adam.

    Obama/Biden ’08

  2. Ashley permalink
    January 29, 2008 2:44 pm

    Question for the authors… who would you rather be paired with in a jail cell for a long period of time, Ann Coulter or Fred Phelps? And killing them is not an option (Andy). Legitimately had to serve out your sentence with them…

    On another note, did anyone see Biden seated with Hillary during the State of the Union? Considering that Obama and Hillary aren’t even acknowledging one another, this was a bold move for Biden to public display some kind of alliance no matter how mundane it might be. Ted Kennedy would be an interesting choice for Obama, but I don’t see him leaving his powerhouse in the Senate to the slums of the vice presidency.

    And can Edwards and Guiliani just call its quits already? Know when the party is over and you need to leave so everyone else can get it on.

  3. January 29, 2008 2:56 pm

    That’s an easy one. Definitely Phelps.

    His constant fear of getting raped and (in his mind) becoming the very thing he despises would get me through many long nights.

    Honestly, I watched about two minutes of the state of the Union. I figured I could read it in the morning, but I got to work and could only muster up the energy to look at the pictures and read CNN’s bullet points at the top: Economy good, Iraq good, immunity for telecoms who spied of their customers is good.

    Much better than a wasted evening of insincere smiles, handshakes, sentiments and applause.

  4. Keri permalink
    January 29, 2008 4:13 pm

    Well, you missed out on the congressmen all cooing while huddling around the president trying to get his signature. Oooh, me, me, sign mine, oooooh, he signed it, he signed it, look. You are in front of a camera and your constituents can see you, act like you’ve seen the president before.

    And no, Edwards and Giuliani cannot call it quits. What happens if one of the front runners screams while speaking at a rally? Who will be there to pick up the pieces like Kerry did? You know they’re secretly hoping for something like that. But as much as I feel that half the shit out of Romney’s mouth qualifies as a real big fuck up, it’s aparantly going to take a bit more than the prospect of seven first ladies and “who let the dogs out” to scare republicans away. Maybe Giuliani should give it up.

  5. Ashley permalink
    January 30, 2008 9:55 am

    “Every year as the Presidents exits from his State of the Union address, he is bombarded with requests for autographs and every year I find this quite awkward.” George Stephanopoulos

    Did I not say that Giuliani and Edwards should back out? Maybe they are reading Mission Critical. Booyahkasha.

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