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“We is dumb. Dumb as hell.”

January 15, 2008

Somehow I’ve stumbled upon similar topics twice in the past couple weeks, entirely concidental. I swear it’s not intentional, but man, some people are just dumb as fuck: Kevin McCullogh compares sci-fi adventure game to sex simulator. It makes me feel bad for fiscal conservatives, traditional republicans, and any sort of person who dares to call himself a “conservative” but actually has his head screwed on right and not planted firmly up his own ass.

I’ve never played this game, but I do know a little about it, I picked up information here and there and let me start you off with a link to IGN’s review of this game. Take a look and obtain for yourself a little background information.

Ok, done? Now, ask yourself: is there any chance in hell McCullogh made any attempt to educate himself about this game or learn any facts pertaining to it? Clearly the answer is EMPHATIC NO. I could go on and on about this Mr. McCullogh, but I really don’t need to. The comments on his own article do tenfold the job I could. In fact they skewer this steaming piece of shit over and over. I think the best comments are from fellow conservatives that tell this guy to go jump off a cliff, and even some from people who have no interest in video games but did minimal 5 minutes of Google research and realized he’s a total hack.

Here’s a good comment. There’s some misspellings but it cases the situation pretty well:

I will not argue about whether or not the game Mr. McCullough described should be banned, and for one simple reason: IT DOES NOT EXIST. Mass Effect is indeed a real game, but it does not fit Mr. McCullough’s descrition.

Mr. McCullough must be psychic, and confused, because the description he gives of what he tought the game would be bears a striking resemblence to what Mass Effect ATUALLY is, while his description of what he believes the game is, is bears NO resemblence to the actual game. The game is, in fact, a sci-fi Role Playing Game (RPG), rated M, for MATURE(17+).

The game does not allow you customize ANY character, except the one the player controls, and even then it is limitted to the character’s face. Sex does appear in the game, but as a short cut-scene that offers NO INTERACTIVITY WHATSOEVER. The cut-scene contains less nudity than a typical AA-14 movie: a brief veiw of breasts.

Romance is a common element in many RPG’s because it is an improtant part of human life, and sex is a part of romance. This is why the developers decided to include this scene. It should be noted that the player must build a relationship before the sex scene, the NPC does, as you assumed, or concocted, “women DO submit without choice”

“It’s called “Mass Effect” and it allows its players – universally male no doubt” – Sexist much? It would likely surprise you to know that games are played but a wide variety of people including men, WOMEN, and I will grant you, 15 year old boys. Did you know that the average age of a gamer is now roughly 32?

Bonus: great satire replacing McCullogh’s example of “Mass Effect” with “NASCAR ’08”.

I hate people. I really, really hate them. Maybe I’ll go play more of my “murder simulator” games, lose touch with reality, and go on a killing spree. I’m in the mood, anyway.

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  1. coollikeme permalink
    January 15, 2008 3:58 pm

    “Mass Effect”

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