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Not a new year, just another one

January 7, 2008
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For the record, on the geography flash game I never broke level 9 I think, and that was on the strength of receiving about 3 locations in Ireland to help me out and landing within 26km of Minsk, Belarus. That’s right, Minsk. I routinely missed almost every place in Africa and the middle east by a good few hundred kilometers if not more. Stupid 3rd world.

2008 is here. In China it’s the Year of the Rat. I have no idea what that means, I also have no idea why rats get so much recognition in China. It confirms what I’ve already, as a big dumb American, assumed with little research: do not visit China.

Philosophically I don’t like the term “new year”. Nothing is new about the year, and nothing is new because of it. New movies/books/games would still be new independent of the number on our year. Our next president will not start on the first day of the New Year, but at some day randomly chosen in February (I think). Probably to coincide with Chinese new year. Rather ominously, the 2009 calendar brings with it the Year of the Ox. If you’ve ever played Oregon Trial you know this is a definite harbinger of doom, they always die. Prediction: We are fucked come 2009.

Nothing is new or different. Terrorists are still crazy and still blowing people up. Islamic militants STILL love driving their vehicles through the lobby walls/doors of hotels (wtf). Roger Clemens is still pretending he didn’t do steroids.

One thing has changed, actually: for the first time in a very, very long time, I’ve come to work with both my shirt tucked in and wearing brown socks. Every now and then I get the shirt tucked, and sometimes I don’t wear white socks, but it’s rare for both of these events to happen on the same day. However I anticipate this change to be short lived. It’s going to be 70 degrees here tomorrow. On January 7th. Of course.

TV is hitting a shockingly new low. Networks are marching out a bunch of old, shelved TV shows and miniseries (According to Jim and the last part of the Lonesome Dove miniseries are both back on TV)  and tons of reality bullshit they undoubtedly had saved up for the springtime when current shows ran out of new episodes. I was actually watching ESPN and the score/news ticker on the bottom was advertising Dance Wars. What the christ? The target demographic for football is beer commercials and ED ads. I really can’t imagine a single person who saw that flash across the screen and will watch Dance Wars as a result.

About this time every year, people get caught in an avalanche or seven out in Colorado. I’m always amazed that these people survive. Every day people die of near random heart attacks or some other trivial thing, but these people get stranded under snow and manage to live. The first line of that article is priceless. Dramatic interpretation:

911: This is 911. What’s your emergency?
Survivor: I’m super hungry.
911: That’s not an emergency.
Survivor: We’re also stranded in that avalanche.
911: Oh! We’ll send someone right away. Stay on the line so–
Survivor: Bring some Arby’s. *click*

In a bit of sidebar conversation that probably shouldn’t be funny during the Redskins/Seahawks playoff game, NBC’s football crew said that Clinton Portis “still talks to Sean Taylor”. Hmmmmmmmmm. I’ve seen this movie before.

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