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What we’ve been doing online for the past 4 days

January 2, 2008

You may have noticed the lack of posts in the last few days and wondered, “What are those two lazy guys doing?”  First, neither one of us has been at work since the weekend before Christmas.  It’s much easier to write when your alternative is doing work.  Now that we are both back at work, you can expect to see more regular updates.

Second, we have been playing this wonderful little game.  Andy sent it to me (although I’m sure he didn’t find it himself).  It is quite addicting.  Basically it gives you a city and you have to place in on the map of the world.  You are scored based on a combination of quickness and accuracy.  There are 12 levels; I have got up to level 11 once and it is impossible.  All small towns in the largest countries (Canada, Russia, China), so if you guess wrong you are off by about 15000km and the game decides you are an idiot.  If someone beats it, let me know.

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