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Next they will say that sweet potatoes cure cancer

December 10, 2007

With Mitt Romney talking about “freedom requires religion” and his pining to “double Guantanamo” (whatever that means) it’s sometimes nice to remember that US political candidates do not have a monopoly on crazy.

South Africa is one of those countries that makes me appreciate the US’s relatively harmless brand of political crazy. Jacob Zuma is looking more and more likely to become the leader of the African National Congress, the ruling party in the African country. Zuma is, to put it lightly, a bit eccentric. An by eccentric, I mean insane. This is the same man who was being charged with raping an HIV positive woman (he knew she had the disease at the time). Zuma never denied having sex with her, but claimed it was consensual. After it was revealed that Zuma did not use protection, he justified his actions by saying,

According to his understanding, it was difficult for a man to contract HIV through sex with a woman. “I had knowledge that… chances were very slim you could get the disease.”

As if this were not bad enough, Zuma also admitted,

He had left his bedroom after having sex with the woman and taken a shower because this “would minimise the risk of contracting the disease [HIV]”.

He took a shower. Incredible. In a country where 5 million people have HIV, for Zuma, currently the Deputy President of the African National Congress, to make such statements is completely unconscionable. AIDS activists were rightly up in arms when they heard Zuma’s testimony.

Now this man is running to be the head of the ruling party, and winning essential endorsements from political, business and community leaders. What is even worse, is that the South African Women’s League has backed Zuma’s bid. Is there no one else they could possibly endorse instead of this idiot who has set back AIDS education by years with his ludicrous statements? Surely there must be a politician South African women can be proud of…

Let’s see what other genius political figures are present in modern-day South Africa, shall we? What about Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, the Health Minister in South Africa? In a country with the most HIV infections in the world, you would think they would want a Health Minister who was an HIV and public health expert. Apparently, the people of South Africa want that very much.

But instead, they are stuck with Dr. Tshabalala-Msimang. She is most famous for her recommendation that HIV positive people treat their disease not with any sort of pharmaceutical therapy, but rather garlic. Yes. Garlic. Apparently in South Africa even the Health Minister gets “HIV positive” and “Vampire” confused. Completely unbelievable.

She probably called Zuma and told him to eat a loaf of garlic bread after he got out of the shower, just to be sure. Idiots.

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  1. andy permalink*
    December 11, 2007 10:51 am

    South Africa is hosting the World Cup in 2010. What do you want to bet their sex worker industry doesn’t see the gigantic boom that Europe’s did in 2006?

  2. Clint Botha permalink
    December 18, 2007 3:09 pm

    I am a South Africa, married to a Canadian girl and living in British Columbia. I’. so grateful to be living in Canada where citizens are protected and for the must part the guilty are prosecuted. Jacob Zuma isn’t the first and defiantly won’t be the last Politician in South Africa to get off Scott-free, but it never ceases to sicken me. The blatant corruption and manipulation of the courts is apparent to everybody, including ANC supporters.

    Mark my words, this Mad Man will be the destruction of South Africa. He is our personal Robert Mugabe in the making. There’s a new apartheid coming to South Africa (in many ways it’s already there… believe me!)

    I’m in my 20’s apartheid ended while I was in high school. I was too young to either condone or endorse that sick and twisted system. However, millions of young white guys my age and in my same situation are not allowed many equal rights to employment and benefits based on colour. It’s a new apartheid…. Don’t be fooled South Africa is anything but free and if this man becomes president it will only be taken up a notch.

    There has been such a huge displacement of South Africans. A diaspora. Thank God for countries like the US and Canada who have given home and opportunities to innocent young people forced to pay for their fathers sins.

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