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Laziness is next to godliness

November 30, 2007

Adam can’t access the blogsite from his fantastic work machine and I think his dog ate his Cingular wifi card so he has not been able to get to the site to share his wonderful opinions on belts with us. I’m hungover and don’t feel like whining about anything so I will just give you this: a dog with a watering can stuck on its head.

Puppy rescued from watering can

Ted and his owner Jackie Paterson (from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service)

Ted got stuck while playing in Jackie Paterson’s mother’s garden

A three-month-old puppy had to be rescued after he got his head stuck in a metal watering can. Ted, a chocolate Labrador, got himself trapped in the can while playing in a back garden on Wednesday afternoon.

Hampshire fire service’s specialist animal rescue team was brought in to release Ted.

They had to cut away the watering can using bolt cutters, after initial attempts to free Ted using a hacksaw blade failed.

Anton Phillips, watch manager, said: “The watering can fitted like a glove around Ted’s head and great care had to be taken to keep the pet calm.

“Thankfully we were able to swiftly release Ted’s head and he bounded away safely from his ordeal with no ill effects.”

In related news, I wore my new “beard” out on the town last night and the consensus is that it looks really bad. Mostly, the mustache. Unfortunately, a mustacheless beard is not a beard that I want to have. I will be shaving it off for now, but I’m going to grow it back and shave it into the “Triple H Beard”, as seen here, with the sideburns growing into the beard and not connecting under the mouth at all, only at the mustache:

triple h pretending to be able to read

Also worth noting: apparently Triple H writes books.

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  1. Ashley permalink
    November 30, 2007 3:16 pm

    It’s not that it looked bad, per say. It just certainly did not look good. You could pull it off with some SERIOUS grooming and trimming, but the natural span your facial hair covers over your top lip is something that only Ripley would be interested in.

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