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It just keeps getting better

November 26, 2007

Our last few posts have been about the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the woman who was gang raped, given a punishment, then found her punishment increased more than 100% for talking to the media.  Well it turns out lots of people are unhappy about this case, and the Saudi government has found itself trying to justify their actions, especially the woman’s preposterous punishment.  Now they are saying that the woman was having an affair with the man she was visiting.  (Also, is it still called “having an affair” if you aren’t married?  Because she wasn’t at that point.)  CNN relays information from an official Saudi government statement:

The group of attackers “saw her in a compromising situation, her clothes on the ground,” the statement said. “The men at this point assaulted her and the man with her.”

The woman and her companion “exposed themselves to this heinous crime, causing the crime to take place because of their violations of the pure Sharia ruling” — the country’s strict Islamic law.

So in case you were wondering, “whose fault is it that this woman was gang raped?” you now have the answer.  It was her own fault.  I’m sure this will do wonders to tame the international criticism the Saudi King and his government are getting.   I guess that means I can stop feeling sorry for her.

Except that even if I buy this argument (which who would) it still only justifies 90 of her 200 lashes.  Remember they added another 110 lashes and six months in prison for speaking out to the media about what happened to her.  Stay tuned, I’m sure we will get another great justification from our allies in the fight on terrorism.  I can hardly wait.

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