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More depressing news about the Writers Guild strike

November 19, 2007

If you were hoping the writers strike might end in the next few days, you are sadly mistaken. Rob Kutner, writer for The Daily Show, gives his take on the likely end of the strike in an interview with Television Without Pity:

The conventional wisdom is that either it will be settled in the next few weeks — what the networks will need to do in order to sort of save the season — or, if not then, they could sort of write the whole thing off and try to wait us out until possibly the spring, or even as late as June, which is when the Screen Actors Guild contract runs out, […] and at that point, they will certainly go on strike, for pretty much the same issue, and when they do it, studios literally can’t put anything else on the air. So, at that point they’ll have to deal with us, but their idea would be to try to sort of wear us out until then, and hope that we’ll either settle for another deal or just give up on it.

This is bad news for those of us hoping for a quick end, so shows like Lost and 24 that were supposed to start in the Spring will not be pushed back a full calendar year.

Read the interview if you were ever curious as to how The Daily Show comes up with its content. If you pictured it as a bunch of guys sitting around a TV with the news on making jokes, you actually aren’t too far off. Also cool, apparently Jon Stewart has agreed to personally pay for two weeks salary for all the production staff of his show (except the writers, obviously) since their salaries are being affected by a strike that doesn’t involve them. Clearly the strike is going to go on for more than two weeks, but it’s still a nice gesture.

Also, for all the Dan Brown fans out there (who will admit to that one though?), it seems as if the movie version of Angels and Demons is the first movie to be affected by the strike. It was originally slated for a Christmas 2008 release, but is now pushed back to at least May 2009.

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