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Quite possibly the cheapest thing I have ever seen

November 14, 2007

I just back from eating lunch at Quizno’s with two of my coworkers. In any given week we usually eat there at least once. No more. Since the last time we were there early last week, they have changed the menu slightly and added an option where you can get a combo meal with chips, salad, soup, or a cookie. Previously the only options were chips or a cookie. So I decide that I will try their chili with my sandwich instead of chips.

So I get up to the register, tell the guy I want to make it a combo, with the chili. So the guy takes an empty bowl, and fills it with chili. I am about to pay the cashier when the soup guy looks at my tray, and goes “Oh, sorry, too much.” He then proceeds to take the chili off my tray, dump it back in the pot, take a new bowl, and fill it up ¾ of the way full. This, he explained, is the proper amount of chili for a combo meal.

I could not believe my eyes. In the name of saving a few cents, he (1) held up the busy lunch line for thirty seconds; (2) threw away the paper cup from the first bowl; (3) probably committed a health code violation for dumping the chili he had already put on my tray back into the communal pot; (4) came off looking incredibly stingy; and (5) annoyed my coworkers and I so much that we decided we will go to Einstein Brothers next door from now on instead of Quizno’s. Good work, chili guy.

I was too stunned to even argue. I don’t even know what you say in that situation that doesn’t involve excessive swearing. All I know is even though they are delicious I will not be eating another Turkey Bacon Guacamole at that Quizno’s.

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  1. Keri permalink
    November 14, 2007 2:03 pm

    Wow, tacky AND disgusting. I probably would have said, “uh, no thank you.” If I didn’t limit it to that, I have a feeling something like, “are you fucking kidding me?” would come out.

    Customer service in this city amounts to memories of what we once had back home. (I only need to say the words Pepco and Comcast to cause a riot in the streets.) It would have been so easy to just give the person the bowl and in order to stop any future issues with size just say “I gave you a little more than normal – on the house.” Happy customer, no holding up of the line, no actual cost (I don’t think 1/4 a bowl of chili will actually cost them anything considering how much of that they dump at the end of the day anyway). Yet that simple idea is just lost on people. I think they are just told x, y, and z and are unable to deviate from that because it would require thinking just a little bit about what they’re doing.

  2. andy permalink*
    November 14, 2007 2:58 pm

    You should have just killed him on the spot.

  3. QuiznosAnonymous permalink
    December 15, 2007 9:39 pm

    >> how much of that they dump at the end of the day anyway


    Dump? HA! Try, gets thrown in the fridge and reheated tomorrow.

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