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Waiting Games

October 26, 2007

What is the point of having lines in places if people have no intention of respecting them, and those in charge have no intention of enforcing them?

I was getting on a flight this afternoon, so I printed off my ticket at home.  It says Boarding Zone 1.  One would think that would mean I would be in the first group getting on the plane.  One would be wrong.  I get to the gate right as they are starting to board and I see there is a line in front of the gate door, so I get in line.  A few seconds later, some other people get out of their seats at the gate, look at the line, and then decide instead of getting line, they will form a new line right next to the line everyone else is in.  

So now we have competing lines—the correct line (the one I am in, obviously) and the wrong line (the one with the people too good to wait).  So what happened, you are asking?  Well the gate agents ended up not boarding by zones on the ticket.  They decided to board from the back of the plane, forward.  So my seat is in row 9, so now I have to wait until the end to board, even though I am in zone 1.  After waiting for them to call my row, I get on the plane and what do I see?  I am one of the last ones on the plane, because everyone around me already boarded, before they were supposed to.

What is the point of designing a boarding arrangement of any kind if no one is going to follow or enforce it?  My reward for waiting for the correct time to board was no room around me to store either of my carry-on bags.  The moral of the story:  Ignore lines and do whatever the hell you want.  Waiting is for losers.  Thanks US Airways, for this valuable life lesson. 

(Also, what is the point of an air card that doesn’t work in airports?  AT&T and I are going to have words about this)

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  1. Ashley permalink
    October 30, 2007 3:54 pm

    I just booked a ticket for next week with SkyBus. Here is a company that really has their shit together.

    Their website is so rudimentary even an old person could figure it out. Unfortuantly they don’t have too many hubs (although they are adding them at a promising rate) and usually only one flight a day (around 6am where air traffic is minimal). It’s name is most appropriate as it really is a bus. One trip, no drinks or cocktail peanuts, and seating is by a first come first serve basis. Here’s the best part… for a whole $10 more, you can purchase priority seating. A considering after fees and tax, my two way, last minute plane ticket was a whopping $80.80, the $10 might just be worth it. That’s what happenes to airline prices when you cut out all the spam. I’ll give up frills anyday for a cheap ticket. Especially considering the flight is a whole 69 minutes long.

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