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So it turns out I won’t be blogging from my classes

October 12, 2007

My company has coined (read: probably stole from an issue of Consulting Magazine) the term “e-spect.” This means, as I’m sure most of you can see, no computers on during the presentations. So while I did learn many new consulting buzzwords, and combinations of buzzwords to create phrases, I cannot post about them in real time, lest I get booted from the class.

A few things I would have written about if I had the time during the day:

  • The Secretary of Transportation has a degree from the University of Phoenix? Really? Far be it from me to be a degree snob, but a Cabinet level post with an online degree? That just seems odd to me.
  • People say the following things too much, at least in my little world: “synergy;” “push back;” “black box [as opposed to a glass box, of course];” “storyboard [as a verb].” I waited and waited to hear someone say “mission critical” today, but it did not happen.
  • I was one of a handful of people at my level (entry-level) who did not have a PDA. I explained to people that when the firm gets a new model that has an integrated GPS program, I will consider, but not until then. And I will not use it for work. [Blank stares]. Why does everyone feel the need to have a PDA/Blackberry. Even if I do get one, which the instructor kind of said we all should, why would I want to do more work by always answering emails when they come in on my PDA? I like being hard to get a hold of.
  • This picture, from Virgina Postrel’s excellent blog. What do you think:
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