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Finally a post about cats

October 10, 2007

It took nearly a month, but I am finally living up to the promise of the blog and posting something about cats. However, it is also about golden retrievers, a far superior animal to any type of domesticated cat.

This guy finds a stray kitten on the road, and for reasons beyond my comprehension, brought it into his house. The kitten would not eat, and they thought it was going to die. Luckily the family also had a female golden retriever, whose maternal instincts kicked in upon seeing the pathetic little kitty and started producing milk, which the kitten drank. According to the owner,

Precious [the cat] now sometimes plays with dog bones, and Honey [the dog] lets Precious gnaw on her like a puppy would.

“She thinks she’s a dog,” Kathy Martin said. “She’s really fit right in.”

If I had to have a cat, I would definitely want one that thinks it’s a dog. Maybe the dog will teach it to recognize its name and how to fetch the paper and generally be a useful addition to the household as well. Don’t hold your breath.


dumb cat with smart dog

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  1. andy permalink*
    October 11, 2007 1:47 pm

    Dogs smell. You might think you wash your dog and it doesn’t smell but they all do. You just get used to it. Like living with only 1 arm. Sure, it’s not a big deal to you anymore, but your friends who want to throw a baseball around are just inconvenienced by you.

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