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At least she isn’t “just looking for a nice guy”, Part II

October 9, 2007

Steve Levitt at Freakonomics has weighed in on the Craigslist post discussed here last week.  My favorite part of his analysis:

I have to say that the respondent has some pretty sensible economics in his answer. My guess, however, is that with that mindset he probably doesn’t have any more success with ladies than the gold-digging woman does with men. Just as politics often trumps economics when it comes to public policy, rational arguments rarely win the day in dating, love, and marriage.

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  1. K-Diggity permalink*
    October 9, 2007 5:10 pm

    Rational arguments rarely win at all. Period. Most people are much more interested in self serving conclusions and results than they are in doing the LOGICAL thing. The basis for rationality implies that at least the two parties involved are operating with the same logic. This rarely happens.

    Why do people stay in abusive relationships? Why do some HOAs ban satellite dishes? Logic dictates one response while selfishness/foolishness/misconceived emotions dictate the other. Logic loses because people don’t have anything emotionally invested in logic. They do, apparently, in getting punched in the face during sex and keeping every house in the neighborhood looking exactly the same (and depriving people of awesome HD programming).

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