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No Kissing in India

September 28, 2007

Kissing in public is still a punishable offense in India, apparently. Shilpa Shetty is still being harassed for being on the receiving end of a Richard Gere kiss earlier in the year:

Gere embraced and kissed Shetty on her cheek at a public AIDS awareness event in New Delhi in April, sparking an outcry among conservative hardline Hindus, who claimed the pair had violated the country’s strict anti-obscenity laws.

After the “incident” arrest warrants were issued for both Shetty and Gere, although they were never actually taken to prison. I understand cultural relativism and all that, but really, if a kiss on the cheek during a large public health fundraiser is the most controversial thing happening in your country, “obscenity”-wise, you should be pretty happy.

And if you really want to go after Shetty, here’s a much better reason:

Shetty, a well-known actress in India, became an international star after her appearance on the British reality show “Celebrity Big Brother.

That show is awful.

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