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I think Nutzapper is a nice name

September 27, 2007

As a government contractor I am resigned to dealing with the overwhelming bureaucracy that is the United States federal government. And I understand that paper pushing is not something exclusive to the government. However, naming racehorses is not a process I expected to have high levels of red tape.

Slate details the restrictions and processes for naming your horse, especially the restrictions on potentially offensive names. In particular, they detail the hoops two men had to jump through to give their horses “potentially offensive” names (to wit, Nutzapper and Sally Hemmings). Some of the names quoted as having slipped through the cracks at the Jockey Club are pretty funny (i.e. Rhythm Method) and some flat out offensive (i.e. Tar Baby). Either way, it’s definitely not something I ever imagined causing as much of a problem as outlined in the article.

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