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This is refreshing

September 26, 2007

A journalist taking a fellow journalist to task for shitty business practices? Whitlock is continually one of the best sports writers around, and he’s got a really good grasp on things outside of sports too. Never one to pull the race card. He always seems to say exactly what I would say if I had any sort of exposure on a national level.

In a newspaper circulated throughout the state, she ripped a kid by tying together a string of Internet rumors and out-of-context comments made by Reid to her co-workers. She basically called Reid a wimp and justified it by saying “if you believe the rumors and the rumblings.”

That kind of shit is simply inexcusable. It shouldn’t pass in a college student paper, let alone an “actual” newspaper. She may as well have quoted THE ONION. It’s nice to see Whitlock calling her out, especially when all these other limpdick “journalists” are chomping at the bit to come to the defense of their profession. I think it needs to be pointed out that this particular reporter in question, Carlson, had already been demoted from writing hard articles and assigned to bullshit fluff pieces like this.

In case you haven’t seen the origin of this debacle…I’M A 40 YEAR OLD MMMAAAAANNNNN!

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