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Apparently there are non transgendered prostitutes in Columbus

September 25, 2007

And it just so happens that Ohio State backup quarterback Antonio Henton found one.

Riddle me this: how is it possible to play the most glamorous position for one of the biggest football programs in the country and have to PAY FOR SEX? I can understand needing to pay for sex when you’re just a lowly global business consultant driving a 1997 compact sedan with the side stripping falling off who has posters of giant robots on his wall, but not this fella. If you can’t get laid on a full athletic scholarship at OSU there is something seriously wrong with you.

Another thing…this was an undercover cop posing as a prostitute. This wasn’t Olivia Benson or even Trudy Weigel. Just some random Columbus police officer. Eeeeew, Antonio Henton. Just GROSS dude.

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