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Jack Thompson: worst lawyer ever

September 24, 2007

Thompson is at it again. This time he’s trying to stop Take Two from publishing Grand Theft Auto IV because it depicts a lawyer babbling about video games getting killed. No, he’s not suing for defamation of character, or trying to leverage some kind of unlicensed usage of his likeness…he’s claiming the game is a physical threat to his health.

Jack Thompson is about as much of a legitimate lawyer as I am a professional model. Any random person could probably put up more thoughtful legal arguments after drinking ether. That dude from the Goonies that yells “hay you guys” thinks Jack Thompson is a fucking retard. Stupid would be a huge upgrade for Jack.

No matter how absurd his legal notice is, the one thing that’s really killing his credibility is the header. His e-mail address is How the hell could you possibly expect anyone to take you seriously using the free e-mail you got from your internet provider? What a dumbshit.

Jack Thompson:Lawyer as Rex Grossman:Quarterback.

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