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Feel free to hit the panic button

September 20, 2007

Mission Critical is a blog about nothing and everything at the same time. Nothing that matters and everything that doesn’t matter…AT THE SAME TIME. Does this make any sense? No. Probably not.

Which of the following terms has the most relevance to your job:

1)Synergistic alliances
2)Ubiquitous open-source mergers
3)Collaborative convergence

If you answered 1-3, you’re probably part of the problem and a big reason why we’re taking time to post a bunch of irreverent bullshit while we could be working. Rants, raves, things that suck, things on Youtube, pictures of cats, pictures of dogs, links to things you’d rather look at than do work. Find it all here. Hopefully we hate some of the same things and you’ll come back for more.

Speaking of things that suck. If anyone sucked as bad at his/her job as Rex Grossman in any field other than quarterbacking the Bears, would he/she still have that job?

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